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Hajj [ Guidelines For Haj - 1421(H) - 2001 ]

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Medina Sharif.

Medina Sharif


a) RAS

As per Saudi regulations the accommodations has to be arranged for pilgrims well in advance through the Consulate General of India, Jeddah. The following three categories have been envisaged for Haj 2001. The pilgrims are suggested to indicate their option in the form.

  • i) Category - I : New buildings between 0-600 meters from Haram Sharif at a rent of SR 1800 per pilgrim
  • ii) Category - II : New buildings between 600-800 meters from Haram Sharif at a Rent of SR 1500 per pilgrim
  • iii) Category - III : New buildings between 600-800 meters from Haram Sheriff at a Rent of SR 1200 per pilgrim

For Madina there shall be a uniform category.

(Note: The category of accommodation opted by the pilgrims has relevance in respect of the accommodation unit provided to him during his stay in Makkah only. It does not envisage any preferential or different treatment during his stay in Madina Munawara or in Mina/Arafat during Haj days. All other facilities remain similar for all the pilgrims. )

   Please be it known to every pilgrim that allotment of accommodation will depend upon the availability of units in the particular category. In case there are more applications for the particular category, than the unit's available, allotment shall be made on the basis of actual availability in each category on first come first serve basis. The remaining pilgrims shall be accommodated in the next category available. The rentals shall be charged only in accordance with the category allotted to them. The accommodation hired in holy cities bears the facilities as prescribed by the Saudi Arabian regulations. The space entitlement for each pilgrim is 2.5 1 meters only and each pilgrim shall be provided with mattress and a pillow. The rooms will be fully air-conditioned and arrangements for supply of drinking water for each building are assured by the Saudi Authorities. Moallim's Staff is responsible for maintenance and cleanliness of the premises. Please note that Gas, Refrigerators or Telephone is not provided under these arrangements.

  As per the Saudi Arabian rules, elevators are provided only in the buildings, which are having more than four stories. Most of the buildings available in Makkah are having four stories without lift facilities and as such a large number of pilgrims would be required to stay in second, third or forth stories. It is, therefore, advisable that pilgrims suffering from serious ailments or physically disabilities or of advance age should not seek to perform Haj as it will be difficult for the Haj Officials at Makkah to make the adjustments for accommodation/allotments to suit the special needs of such pilgrims. The Haj Committee wants to accommodate all the aged Haji's on the ground or first floor, But they or their young companions do not like to be separated from each other. As a result a lot of aged Haji's may get even III or IV floor without lift.

b) The pilgrims who can avail exemption from the purview of Reserved Accommodation Scheme; are,

  • i) Pilgrims who stay in one of the Indian Rubats on the basis of prescribed exemption certificate approved by the Haj Committee, Mumbai. The pilgrims desirous of staying in any of the Indian Rubats shall be required to obtain an allotment order issued by concerned Rubats authorities and submit it to the Haj Committee on or before 15-11-2000 alongwith covering letter detailing their names, address, cover number etc. the allotment orders received after the last date shall not be entertained and the rental shall be deducted from the foreign exchange amount payable to the pilgrims. The Rubats Authorities will issue the certificates only as per their authorized capacity as confirmed to Haj Committee by Consulate General of India, Jeddah. In case of any delay on the part of Rubat Authorities the Haj Committee shall not be responsible and the pilgrims will be given R.A.S status.
  • ii) Pilgrims who intend to stay with relatives of first degree located in the two Holy Cities or at Jeddah and have obtained prescribed exemptions. Such pilgrims can avail of the exemption from reserved accommodation scheme (R.A.S) only when a certificate issued by the Consul (Haj), Consulate General of India, Jeddah, confirming the existence of relatives and his/her consent to host the pilgrim(s) during Haj Season is submitted to the Haj Committee, Mumbai on or before 15-11-2000. Such relatives of the pilgrims obtain the certificate of exemption immediately and send it to the Executive Officers, Haj Committee, Mumbai by the stipulated date. The certificate received after the expiry of prescribed date shall not be entertained and the pilgrim shall be registered under R.A.S and rentals shall be deducted from the foreign exchange payable by him/her.



All the pilgrims who shall be opting Ist category accommodation shall have to opt Saudi Riyals 5500 as foreign exchange compulsorily. Ipso-facto, the pilgrims who shall be opting Iind + III category of accommodation shall be entitled for Saudi Riyals 5000 only. Similarly, all those pilgrims who shall be having exemptions of Rubats/CGI shall also be entitled for Saudi Riyals 5000 only.

From out of the gross amount of Saudi Riyals. 5,500/- or SR. 5,000/- representing foreign exchange the Haj Committee shall effect the deduction on account of compulsory dues and rentals of accommodation. The balance amount shall be paid to the pilgrims in the shape of bank draft encashable in the office of the correspondent bank at the Jeddah Haj Terminal.

The compulsory dues of Saudi Riyals 1059/- realised from the pilgrims and paid to Maktabul Wukula Al-Muwaheed. Jeddah, reflect the charges on account of service rendered by the concerned Saudi Authorities and providing transit accommodation in Mina, Arfat, etc.

The rate of conversion for Saudi Riyals in Indian currency is determined by the Central Haj Committee after inviting tenders from the banks/financial institutions. The pilgrims are required to deposit money in Indian currency as per the rate fixed. This rate remains firm and valid for the full Haj season for both remittances as well as the refund.


  • i) The last date for the receipt of applications under General Category is 14.8.2000. All the applications must be deposited/sent to the State Haj Committee through the concerned Deputy Commissioner on or before the prescribed date i.e. 14.8.2000.
  • ii) The last date for the receipt of applications under "Without Foreign Exchange Category" is 30.9.2000.
  • iii) The last date for the receipt of applications under "Government Reserved Quota" is 29.12.2000. No application shall be entertained after the last date. Note:- Application forms mentioned at (iv) and (vi) above should be sent direct to Executive Officer, Haj Committee of India, Mumbai.



The application forms will be received by the concerned Deputy Commissioners against a proper receipt.


  • i) The conformation of success in qurrah, shall be communicated to the pilgrims by the State Haj Committee.
  • ii) The confirmation of the seats in respect of wait listed pilgrims shall be communicated by the State Haj Committee/Haj Committee, Mumbai depending upon the time, as and when the vacancy becomes available.
  • iii) Confirmation in respect of flight allotment on different dates will be sent to the selected applicants by Haj Committee, Mumbai throug State Haj Commissioner as and when received from the Consulate General of India, Jeddah. The same will be published in the newspapers also. Applicants may, therefore, wait for the intimation from the Haj Committee. The flights are likely to start from 29.01.2001 and the flight allotment will be intimate to the pilgrims through electrnic/print media.
  • iv) Further clarification with regard to programme and procedure, if required, will be furnished by the Central Haj Committee, Mumbai/State Haj Committee concerned.
  • v) Other inquiries if any, may be addressed to the Executive Officers, Haj Committee, Haj House, 7-A, M.R.A Marg, (Palton Road), Mumbai-400001, or to the Convenor State Haj Committee, J&K Srinagar.



All pilgrims must get the prescribed inoculation and obtain a valid health certificate on prescribed international format before proceeding for the Embarkation point.

a) Meningitis Inoculation:

All applicants are required to possess a certificate of inoculation against Meningitis showing a single dose administered not less than ten days before the day of arrival in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Haj Committee makes arrangements every year at District Headquarters for inoculation and issue of these certificates to the individual pilgrims. All pilgrims are advised to ensure that all their health documents are complete in order. The Haj Committee will not be responsible for any inconvenience caused to the pilgrims due to these documents being either incomplete or not in order. It may be noted that the airlines would not permit an individual to board the plane in absence of the requisite inoculation certificate.


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