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Hajj [ Guidelines For Haj - 1421(H) - 2001 ]

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A) The pilgrims are compulsorily required to travel from their natural zone wise Embarkation points given as below and the same should be in conformity with their home address. NORTH ZONE-DELHI : Delhi, J & K, Punjab, Haryana, H.P, Chandigarh, Rajisthan & U.P


  • a) Pilgrims of Haj 1421 (H) - 2001 are informed that they shall have to travel by the allotted flights as per schedule.
  • b) The date of flight will be communicated to the applicants by the State Haj Committee, through the respective Deputy Commissioners and also through Media.
  • c) The Haj Committee is not supposed to provide transit accommodation and other facilities as made available to international passengers by the air companies in case any flight postponed or cancelled due to the circumstances beyond the control of the State Haj Committee.
  • d) In the event of any increase in the amount of airfare, the difference will be paid by the pilgrim before booking of flight in the form of bank draft and decision of Central Haj Committee, Mumbai shall be final and binding in this respect.
  • e) For sake of convenience of the pilgrims, it has been decided to standardize the baggage. The pilgrims shall be allowed to carry one suitcase of standard size (to be determined by the Central Haj Committee) and one handbag. The maximum limit of baggage is 35 Kg. Besides, 10 liters of Zam Zam. Pilgrims intending to bring more baggage shall be allowed to do so through Cargo as unaccompanied baggage on extra payment.
CANCELLATION AND REFUND: As decided by the Haj Committee of India, Mumbai the intending pilgrim will please note that; Cancellation on any ground other than death or serious ailment of the person concerned will not be allowed. In case the cancellation on any other ground the following penalities will be imposed:

1. 10% of accommodation charges upto 15.11.21000 + RS 300/-

2. 20% of the accommodation charges + RS 300/- from 16.11.2000 till the commencement of flights.

3. After commencement of flights RS 5000/- of advance Accommodation Rentals + RS. 300/-.

The pilgrims who will miss the flights after confirmation and collection of their travel documents shall have to loose RS. 300/- + 70% of the accommodation charges alongwith the one-way airfare.

  • i) These provisions will not, however apply in respect of the cases where cancellation is necessitated due to death/very serious ailment of the intending pilgrims or an accident which seriously incapacitates the intending pilgrims and renders him/her unfit for travel.
  • ii) These provisions will not also apply to the accompanying family members of the pilgrims whose cancellation of journey is attributable to the death or the accident of the intending pilgrim mentioned in provision (i) above. The family members for purposes of application of the provision (i) above shall comprise of spouse, father, mother, son, and daughter only.
  • iii) Provided that the Haj Committee, Mumbai may consider relaxation of these rules in the cases where in its opinion it is expedient to do so on compassionate grounds.
  • iv) Since charter tickets are non-refundable hence no refund is payable if return journey portion remains unutilized due to any reason except in case of death of the pilgrim.
  • v) No claims for refund will be entertained if the communication of cancellation is received after the departure of the allotted flight. They will be treated as Non-reporters/No shows pilgrims.
  • vi) The pilgrims whose flight are confirmed and do not report at the respective airport at the scheduled flight time, shall not be allowed to travel any subsequent flight, except in rare circumstances but only after the payment of one-way airfare in Indian or in Saudi Currency with reference to outward or inward journey, as the case may be.

12. Restriction on articles/commodities for HAJ journey and banned items.

  • i) Carrying an inflammable article viz. Kerosene, petrol, stove etc. in any form is prohibited. In case a pilgrim is found carrying any of these articles he will be punished as per the law of the land.
  • ii) The import of KHASH-KHASH or NARCOTICS in any form into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is banned. All the pilgrims are, therefore advised in their own interest not to carry KHASH-KHASH or any commodity resembling these drugs with them during their journey to Saudi Arabia.
  • iii) The pilgrims are advised not to carry their tickets/travel documents, extra cash, jewelry or other valuable while going to Mina. Cooking is strictly banned in Mina. Do not carry gas ring, gas cooker, gas cylinder and kerosene stove or any inflammable articles during the stay in Mina.
  • iv) The Saudi Government has warned that the pilgrims should not bring with them any political literature, photographs or leaflets or pornographic material of any kind when they visit Saudi Arabia for performing Haj. The Saudi Arabia Government has further warned that those persons who violate these instructions shall be liable to severe punishment. All pilgrims are therefore; advised to follow these instructions in letter and spirit and ensure literature is taken by them to Saudi Arabia.
  • v) The Government of Saudi Arabia has banned carrying foodstuff, cooked or uncooked in their Kingdom. Haj pilgrims are not permitted to carry food grains, pulses, oil, ghee, pickles, sweetmeats vegetables, fruits and similar articles etc., with them either in their personal baggage or otherwise. The customs authorities in Jeddah or at the Indian airport itself will confiscate such items and the pilgrims will have to face hardship. The pilgrims are, therefore, in their own interest not to carry any kind of food grains or eatable with them while proceeding for Haj.
  • vi) The Saudi also does not permit pilgrims to engage themselves in business activities. Therefore, carriage of any goods or material/articles in large quantity and for commercial use is prohibited. Any pilgrim missing his/her flight on account of this restriction will be forfeited. This should be carefully noted for strict compliance.
  • vii) The maximum weight of baggage allowed to a pilgrim is 35. Kg on outward phase and 45 Kg on inward phase, including 10 liters of Zam Zam. In no circumstances excess baggage shall be allowed except through cargo on pilgrim's own risk and cost.
Arrangements being made for the convenience of the pilgrims:

  • 1. The Haj pilgrims of the Kashmir Division are airlifted from Srinagar Airport to Delhi. Similarly the pilgrims of Jammu Division, Leh and Kargil Tehsil are airlifted from Jammu Airport to Delhi. From Delhi they are airlifted to Jeddah.
  • 2. The State Haj Committee provides free transport from the Tehsil headquarter of the pilgrims to the Airport on the day of departure of Haj.
  • 3. Boarding and Lodging arrangements for the pilgrims of Jammu Division, Leh, Kargil, Karnah and Gurez are being made by the State Haj Committee in various Hotels in Jammu and Srinagar respectively. The State Haj Committee also provides Helicopter service to the pilgrims of Karnah and Gurez, if needed. Helicopter changes are to be paid by the pilgrim himself.
  • 4. The State Haj Committee provides an accidental insurance cover of Rupees Two Lakhs to each pilgrim. A nominal premium of Rs.60/- to Rs.70/- is being charged to each pilgrim on this account.
  • 5. The Immigration and the Customs check of the pilgrims are conducted at the Srinagar and Jammu Airports respectively.
  • 6. The travel documents are issued to the pilgrims at their District Headquarters at least three days before the date of departure.
  • 7. The pilgrims of the State J&K are subjected to a Security Clearance by the State Home/CID Departments. Pilgrim who are not cleared by the Home/CID are not allowed to proceed for Haj pilgrimage. All correspondence pertaining to Haj 2001 should be made on the following Address :

Convenor State Haj Committee,
J&K Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir
Tankipora, Srinagar, Kashmir.

Tel: 0194-455357-452643,
Fax: 452558


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